You Can Pursue Opportunity Inspire Revolutionary Ideas Overcome Barriers Deliver Equity Protect from Harm with Torra

You Can

Pursue Opportunity Inspire Revolutionary Ideas Overcome Barriers Deliver Equity Protect from Harm with Torra


At Torra, we aim to support our workers and inspire them to attain their workplace goals.
This promotes a culture based on achievement and production, supporting business success.

Workforce Management

Supporting our clients when they have urgent or project labour needs

Permanent Recruitment

Seeking the right person to drive your organisation forward, take a load off we’ll find them.

Outsourced Payroll

Our payroll service allows you to pay employees on-time and with little effort

Subscription Recruitment

The new way to recruit staff. Preserve your cashflow with monthly payments offering the support of a guaranteed recruitment strategy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to understand the ever-changing elements of a person and an organisation, so that we can be the solution our clients require and provide the employment opportunities our people seek.

Meet the Team

Torran James

Torran James

Managing Director

Torran has 12 years recruitment experience with a passion for employee engagement and offering client solutions to drive productivity. Torran started TORRA in 2020 with a view to providing engaging employment opportunities for employees and to provide clients with engaged team members.

Megan Hinton

Operations Manager

Megan has over 9 years recruitment experience centred on Civil, Mining & Manufacturing. Megan finds fulfilment in building genuine and lasting relationships with her clients and candidates, and has a strong focus towards compliance and efficiency, promoting a positive experience for everyone that connects with the Torra Team.

Jeff Bell

Jeff Bell

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff’s 15 years of Commercial & Accounting experience started in the space of public accounting, before morphing into a role where business strategy is key. He likes to make finance engaging and continuously link it to the organisations greater vision.