About us

Developing Positive Relationships

We are Regional NSW's Recruitment Specialist

Torra Staffing & Recruitment was established in 2020 to provide technical and professional workforce and recruitment services to the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region.

Our goal is to create opportunities for our people so they feel reward and accomplishment every day which in turn creates opportunity for our clients. By placing the best people for our clients, we can provide a positive impact on their operational targets. Our focus will always be on people and how they associate with an organisation. If you are missing capability through a labour gap, our personable and inquisitive methods will source effective people to provide the best outcome.

We trust our process and we know our people, they are reliable, productive and deliver results.

Core Value

Develop Positive Relationships

People are fundamental to the success of Torra Staffing and Recruitment, the organisations ability to engage with and through people is all that matters. It is what we do! So how could we not have our values based around people. Encompassed by our actionable values, Torra Staffing and Recruitment will always promote and encourage the best in people, the right opportunities for an individual and build strong lasting relationships amongst those who interact with the Torra business.

Our Actionable Values

We do what we say and we say what we do! That is the basis for forming our trusted service and we rely on trust to support us to develop positive relationships. Not only are we honest, but we acknowledge how difficult it can be to live this value. We encourage our team to be brave, in order to behave with honesty. 

Here’s an opportunity, We want you to pursue it. The Torra culture enables any set of circumstances that makes achievement possible. The Torra Team sees opportunity as any path that can provide a benefit to our workers, staff, clients and the organisation. All Torra workers are empowered to feel like they can succeed. Put simply, You can pursue opportunity, so go get it!

We’re not trying to start a revolution, but there’s no harm in aspiring to overthrow the status quo! So go on throw out that idea, expand the limits of your imagination and let’s try some fresh new ideas and see how far they can take us. You can inspire revolutionary ideas and that’s really exciting.

Now this isn’t about jumping the barriers and getting into a festival for free, this is about not letting obstacles get in the way. Ever felt like you are so close to achieving something and there is something or someone standing in your way? Let’s find a way to move that something or start a conversation with that someone. Either way, there’s a job to be done and You can overcome the barriers to achieve your goals.

In a world that struggles for equity, we are applying a standard to always act in a way that is fair and impartial to all. The Torra Team culture is one of inclusion, support, tolerance and togetherness. We exist to provide equal employment opportunities for everyone. Furthermore, we promote and celebrate diversity and individuality within our business. When you work for Torra, You can deliver equity.

Our last value is so important to us. Everything we do, is underlined by our desire to protect our workers, colleagues, clients and absolutely everybody from harm. We have committed to Teaming up for Zero, we are all responsible for the safety and wellbeing of ourselves and others. When people are our business there’s no excuse for a poor safety culture, You can protect from harm.

Our Locations

Awabakal Country

Unit 4, 142 Union Street 

The Junction NSW 2291

PH: 02 4039 8102

Email: hello@torrarecruitment.com.au

Dharug Country

Suite 25, Level 1, 93 George Street 

Parramatta NSW 2015

PH: 02 8856 2855

Email: sydney@torrarecruitment.com.au

Gadigal Country

Suite 25, Level 1, 93 George Street 

Parramatta NSW 2015

PH: 02 8856 2850

Email: sydney@torrarecruitment.com.au

Wiradjuri Country

36b Victoria Street 

Dubbo NSW 2830

PH: 02 6800 1799

Email: dubbo@torrarecruitment.com.au

What clients are saying...

The Torra team were thorough and efficient in recruiting the right people to suit our specific needs which took away all of our hiring headaches. Torra’s fresh professional approach made it easy and a pleasure to engage them. Highly recommended
Noel Peters
Conco Systems
We were one of Torra’s first clients but we knew they had a wealth of experience coming in. The team were quick to find us the right people and take away all of the headaches when hiring
Greg Ferguson
Robson Civil Projects
Torran and the team at Torra have been always able to efficiently fulfill our requirements for labour hire and recruitment services. Torran‘s ability to engage with all stakeholders provides a great benefit in ensuring a positive outcome is achieved for all parties. Torras understanding of both the client and the workers expertise and needs is first class and this is reflected in the quality if the candidates they are able to put forward. I would recommend Torra for any future labour hire or recruitment opportunities
Michael Ross
Bass Floor