Teaming up for Zero

Safety is at the core of who we are!

At Torra we are committed to developing a strong safety culture within our team. To ensure that our employees return home safe at the end of each day, we have developed a ZeroHarm framework that is underpinned by a united commitment which we refer to as ‘Teaming up for Zero’. Our Safety culture, driven by the Torra values, is about action, understanding and empowerment to promote the wellbeing of others and self at work.

When combined with our risk management and prevention systems we, believe that we will be able to minimise the risk of injury to our employees.

'Teaming up for Zero’ exists because we believe that everybody who works for us has the right to go home healthy and well. There is nothing more important to us. It’s hard to develop a strong safety culture so the Torra way is to start with simplicity, our catch phrase is exactly that, it’s simple. It ensures that safety is known to be, and culturally is a team game, not solely reliant on any one person. If we live up to this ideology, we will all be accountable and responsible for the safety of ourselves and others

Safety Management System

Safety (Training) Engagements/ Interactions

Injury Reporting

Phone Number (02 4039 8102) if you have an incident or are injured onsite:

In all cases, follow the site process Torra must be notified within 15 minutes Call your Torra representative or office Torra is available 24/7 to report any incidents or injuries.

Report a Safety Incident Online Form

If you have encountered a situation that you would like to report, please scroll down and complete the form. This will be sent directly to The Torra S&R Safety Management Team.