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Torra is Newcastle’s answer to the provision of quality Staffing & Recruitment services to technical and professional industries. The Torra team offers over 40 years’ recruitment industry experience combined with 20+ years of construction and professional services expertise. Through our experiences we understand the impact of labour gaps and effective recruitment selection methods on business productivity. 

We have learnt the importance of our service on your projects and operations to ensure the delivery of professional, technical and trade staff best suited to your business.

Specialised Service


Customer Focused

At Torra we believe in providing great customer service to our clients by building relationships with the people that operate the organisation. To us customer service is finding a way to help each individual succeed in their position by creating and providing solutions through our staffing and recruitment services. This can only work if the relationships with our clients are meaningful, they can’t be transactional.

Service Delivery

Our application of customer service must also extend to our people. To be able to support teach and every candidate and worker in their search for job opportunities, we endeavour to get to know them and build meaningful relationships with them. These relationships form a bond that allows us to appropriately support our clients meet their labour needs and our people to obtain satisfactory and enjoyable job opportunities.