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You Can with Torra, our people are the difference.​

Why Torra?

As an independently owned business, the Torra team has a focus on human experiences sought through employment. 

We believe that work pays the bills and employment provides us with personal security and the opportunities we so desire, however, experience is what drives us. Experience is when both work and employment collaborate with enjoyment. 

So when we ask about your work experience, we want to understand what you do to earn your living and what enjoyment you experience at work.

You Can with Torra, the Right choice for your business.​

Want to experience the ‘You Can’ difference? Engage with a workforce that is empowered to accomplish within the workplace. At Torra Staffing and Recruitment we follow traditional hiring practices to ensure that we offer a skilled and experienced team of workers for your business. BUT, then we do something very different and we break the mould of conventional on-hired workforce management. Our values are directly targeted to ensure every worker believes that they can achieve their goals in the workplace. The power here is that our workers feel engaged, they feel apart of the team and engrained within our culture. A workforce that believes they can achieve simply translates in a productive workforce for all of our clients. And if we get this right, our clients may just want to make an offer of direct employment to members of our team, perfect for everyone!

You can with Torra

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You’re only human, so why not experience the difference a little bit of humanity can provide. The Torra promise is to get to know you, to find out what is important to you so that we can learn how to make your next employment opportunity the experience you deserve.

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