Eyes off national growth with a brand to boot.

A three-year-old Hunter recruitment and start-up – Torra – has transformed on its path to growth – recently opening offices in Sydney, Brisbane and NSW’s Central West – all with a new look. 

In an attempt to shake up the recruitment and staffing industry, Torra boldly pushes forward, challenging industry standards and expanding its reach while simultaneously unveiling a distinctive brand identity. The agency’s strategic vision involves extending its presence beyond Newcastle, underscoring Torra’s commitment to delivering exceptional staffing solutions on a national scale.

Managing Director Torran James said the growth has only been achievable thanks to great people. 

“Building relationships is at the core of everything we do and without those strong relationships with really talented people – like our team, mentors, new owners in the business and our clients – we really couldn’t have achieved what we have today,” said Torran. 

“Our new brand and evolution of our purpose was key to the next chapter of Torra.”

“The first iteration of our brand was solely me playing on Canva, writing lines that were important to me, in a home office, late at night. Now we have a team of over 200 employees throughout NSW and Queensland, multiple clients and partners, and a big ambition to be national. So, it was time that we present ourselves to market with a brand that represents the individuals within our entire workforce and in a way that matches our ambition.” Torran said.  

Torra Recruitment takes pride in its impactful journey, having facilitated numerous successful placements, and positively influenced the careers of both clients and candidates. With significant team growth, Torra strengthens its capacity to provide exceptional services and support across the board.

“We’re not here to just be another recruitment and staffing agency. We want to do things differently. To show our industry that there is another way to approach business – and that’s being true to people. We really want to redefine industry standards and make a lasting positive impact. Hopefully our new brand, our look and our messaging hold us accountable to live up to this ambition,” Torran said. 

The company has earned recognition for its genuine culture, characterised by positive relationships within the team and with clients. In three short years, Torra has engaged with over 13,533 candidates. 

In an industry where claims about prioritising people often ring hollow, Torra distinguishes itself by letting actions speak louder than words. The company’s authenticity ensures its culture resonates through genuine positive relationships among team members. 

For more information, please visit torra.com.au

Contact: +61 2 4039 8102

Email: hello@torra.com.au